Pat Gramling's Biography

Pat Gramling has always loved books and reading. Her father was a teacher and both parents were readers. Even before she started school, she frequently gathered up her dolls to “read” her favorite books to them.

While studying at Purdue University she became the “Story Lady” in their Child Development and Family Living nursery schools while on an undergraduate assistantship. She graduated with distinction in 1967, prepared to teach nursery school and kindergarten.

During her 38 year elementary school tenure she taught kindergarten and first, second, third, and fifth grades, She also was a Title I reading teacher, taught methods courses in education at Tri-State University, and was the administrator of a large community nursery school. Always innovative in curriculum development she used a thematic, child-centered approach that was firmly based in quality literature.

Her three children have all grown up to be readers. When they were little the bedtime ritual included reading several stories. Barney would choose The Train to Timbuctoo, Katie would choose The Magic Pot, and Mom would try to sneak in new titles to interest them. Reading with the youngest daughter was a whole new adventure because of Lizzie’s eclectic interests and access to ten more years accumulation of Pat’s picture book collection.

Pat met her husband John at Purdue and they have been married since June, 1966. Most of his working life John spent self-employed as a farmer and a carpenter. He has always been a reader, too, and has branched out quite a bit since he used the same book all through high school for his book reports.

Pat has a mobile home connected to their garage by a boardwalk that has been remodeled to house her office and the book collections. She has over 8000 picture books and uses them to support themes and activities posted on her website

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