Hank the Tank Engine

Hank the Tank Engine book cover

Ever feel abandoned and rusty, like you're headed to the scrap heap?

Hank the Tank Engine sure did. 

But after love and attention from some friends, he is traveling the country on new adventures.

Discover the true story of how an industrial tank engine was restored, reinvented and making people feel happy and proud.

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An Award Winner!!

Hank the Tank Engine is for both children and adults and has been recognized as a winner in the International Book Awards and as a finalist in the USA Book News Best Books Awards.

Praise for Hank the Tank Engine

“This is an interesting true story that might turn a train lover into a reader, and a book lover into a train enthusiast." ~Mary Myers (parent and once a reluctant reader)

“Hank the Tank Engine is a charming story of a spunky little engine as he moves from rusty relic to proud puffer once again. The combination of illustrations and photographs invite readers to feel they are both learning about and experiencing with Hank, the excitement of his restoration. The artwork is an enchanting mix of whimsical sketches with captivating details and photographs of Hank at his most woebegone and in his restored splendor. I could almost smell the glorious coal smoke on several pages.” ~Gail Barnard, Retired Teacher, Daughter of "Pops" (to whom the book is dedicated)

“This informative tale of Hank transported us into the world of trains. Hard work and dedication can produce treasures. From the mouth of a first grader, 'Never give up!'” ~Deb Smathers, First Grade Teacher

“Through illustrations and words that kids can understand (without all the technical jargon), Hank the Tank Engine explains how a tank engine works. This book shows what a father and son working together can do.” ~Gary Johnston, Father and Railroader